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As Government IT modernization advances and interconnectivity initiatives expand, the need for cybersecurity solutions is more crucial than ever. Cyberattacks are on the rise across the Public Sector, which poses a significant risk to critical infrastructures, applications, networks and cloud environments.


The dedicated Cybersecurity Team at ̽Ƶ specializes in providing IT security solutions to Federal, State and Local Government, as well as Education and Healthcare organizations. We aim to safeguard the entire cyber ecosystem with proven technology. Our certified Government Product Specialists help our customers build comprehensive cyber solution stacks to meet evolving Government security requirements.


Your Trusted Government IT Security Solutions Provider

̽Ƶ has established strategic, long-term relationships with the industry’s leading cybersecurity manufacturers to offer Government entities proven, cost-effective protection for infrastructures, networks, cloud environments and assets. Our comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions Portfolio covers the essential areas to protect your organization, including:

  • Network and Infrastructure: safeguard foundational systems 
  • Security Operations and Incident Response: monitor, respond to and neutralize threats 
  • Endpoint Security: secure access points across all devices 
  • Identity and Access Management: manage user IDs and permissions 
  • Web and Messaging Security: guarantee secure online communication 
  • Risk and Compliance: ensure government security compliance 
  • Mobile Security: safeguard device and apps
  • Data Security: protect information data at every stage
  • IoT and Industrial Security: protect interconnected devices
  • Cyber Skills Training: enhance team’s IT security expertise
  • DevSecOps: integrate security into application development
  • Quantum Security: future-proof data security and integrity from quantum decryption
  • Artificial Intelligence: accelerate risk detection, generate incident reports and automate threat response in real time 

Explore our extensive Cybersecurity Solutions to meet your specific needs.

  • All Cybersecurity Vendors
  • Leading Cybersecurity Solutions (15)
  • Network & Infrastructure (26)
  • Security Operations & Incident Response (15)
  • Endpoint Security (17)
  • Identity & Access Management (25)
  • Web & Messaging Security (15)
  • Risk & Compliance (30)
  • Mobile Security (8)
  • Data Security (36)
  • IoT & Industrial Security (7)
  • Cyber Skills Training (13)
  • DevSecOps (12)
  • Quantum Encryption Security (19)
  • Artificial Intelligence (8)

All Cybersecurity Vendors

Contracts and Purchasing Agreements

̽Ƶ holds various contracts that enable us, our vendors and reseller partners to serve Public Sector customers throughout the United States and Canada. Our contracts include:

  • Agency-specific agreements 
  • Government-wide acquisition vehicles 
  • State, Local, healthcare and education cooperative purchasing contracts

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Continuous Access Verification for Maximum Security


Traditional security measures struggle to protect agencies against today’s sophisticated cyber threats, leaving Government networks vulnerable to attacks. Ensure critical systems are secured from the inside out with Zero Trust, a modern security approach that verifies every user and device before granting access to sensitive information. Explore our Zero Trust Portfolio to enhance your cybersecurity posture.

Cybersecurity Zero Trust


Achieve CMMC Compliance


Protect Defense Industrial Base (DIB) unclassified information and safeguard your DoD partnerships with CMMC-aligned IT solutions. Leverage our network of CMMC experts and partner technology to navigate compliance and security requirements.

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Upcoming Cybersecurity Events

Partner Training
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̽Ƶ June 25, 2024
̽Ƶ 11:00 AM ET

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̽Ƶ June 25, 2024
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Latest Cybersecurity News

̽Ƶ June 05, 2024

Commvault, a leading provider of cyber resilience and data protection solutions for hybrid cloud organizations, is proud to announce that its SaaS-delivered data protection offerings have achieved the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP®) High Authorization.


̽Ƶ May 22, 2024

OffSec, a leader in continuous cybersecurity workforce development and learning, and ̽Ƶ., a Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, announced today that OffSec’s proactive cybersecurity training and education solutions have been added to ̽Ƶ’s CarahCloud Marketplace program.